Amnesia said:
Chrkeller said:

In other threads people are predicting a whole new "Switch 2" in 2021.  Based on sales, I don't see it.

Everyone believes that he wants. Switch Pro or Plus or whatever is coming soon with only sperficial improvement, not the one of August, but I believe that soon (first half 2020) we get a 1080p screen with some unlocking of the Tegra X1, but no way this thing can run PS5/scarlet games like ReviewTechUSA alaways repeat.

And yes, in 2022 we get a new 9th gen console which will have a different name.

Thing is, it doesn't have to. As long as PS4/XBO will get supported with ports, there's no reason why they don't make a Switch version out of those, too. Sports games will get ports for a long time anyway - just look at the PS2.

Hence why I highly doubt there will be a Switch successor in 2022 already. There's simply no reason to kill off the Switch by that point already unless Sony or Microsoft (or somebody else, like Sega) brings out a new handheld console, which would force Nintendo to react to that (like they did with the DS against the PSP and the 3DS against the Vita).