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Pinkie_pie said:
I predicted 2019. When will i get vg$? I dont know why some here thought 2020 would be switch peak year when we all expected the new model to be released in 2019 and with main pokemon game. 2019 was always the safe bet

Wasn't expecting the new model to be $100 cheaper, nor was I expecting the new model to be a different size. I thought this years model would be a simple revision with the new Mariko chip, increasing battery life and reducing heat/noise. Which while nice wouldn't have driven sales much. Instead we got a different form factor at a substantially cheaper price.

I'm still 50/50 on whether 2019 or 2020 will be the peak year though. After all Nintendo did only forecast 18m shipped this fiscal year, though I'm sure they'll exceed that quite substantially. 

But I imagine now everyone who wagered on 2020 in this thread is sweating a little.