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Cerebralbore101 said:

Anybody else hopeful that AMD can finally put out a good card that is more powerful than the 590? Vega cards all seem to be power hungry with bad drivers, and overheating issues. Or at least that's what I've been reading on Amazon and Newegg. 

I will quote my other post:

"So doing some digging. Looks like RDNA is a "Hybrid" design that bridges GCN to RDNA... Just like VLIW4, but more extreme.
Lots of changes under the hood, but it's still very easy for developers to leverage it if they have worked with GCN for a long time.

The doubling of the ROPS is a big boost... And one bottleneck of GCN gone. - Reducing wavefront size and increasing SIMD size so they match is another big Pro' as well and another GCN bottleneck gone.
Uplift in bandwidth and chip-wide delta colour compression and much improved caches resolves another GCN bottleneck.

It's going to result in a substantial uptick in performance per teraflop either way... I would not be surprised to see a 50% performance uplift over the RX 590."

Things like Primitive Shaders are now working as well, finally.

As for Vega... Vega was actually extremely efficient, at lower clocks and voltages, AMD though wasn't able to compete though and decided to throw out efficiency in order to garner as much performance as possible and drive the clockrates up.

Just remember though, Navi is Polaris's replacement, not Vega. Vega 7 will still be AMD's high-end part going forward.

And if we can... Try and stick to better sources than Polygon, like Anandtech.

And here we are again Pema... Talking about the Fury X 4 years later! My how the time flies! The world really has come full circle hasnt it?

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