Azantix said:
Huh, maybe Switch is on pace to beat PS4 lifetime? Maybe? I'm not sure, I'm not exactly the best at predicting stuff like this hehe

In the US, that's certainly possible. While the PS4 is doing well, it doesn't overwhelmingly so, as it's main market is Europe. PS4 sold about 29M consoles in the US so far, with a peak of 5.7M in 2015 but generally around 5-5.5M each year.

By contrast, Switch sold 5.5M consoles last year, 4.8M in it's launch year and is currently tracking ahead of last year, so it's certainly keeping up with the PS4 right now. Unless the Switch get's cut short or crashes in sales like the Wii did, it certainly has a shot at outselling the PS4 in the US.

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