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Pemalite said:
EricHiggin said:

Cerny mentioned around the launch of Pro in 2016 that he felt at least 8TF would be needed for guaranteed full native 4k. Can't help but wonder if he was privy to info about where Navi was likely to land in terms of TF calculation. It would also partially explain why Pro only hit 4.2TF. If your next gen console is 'only' going to hit 8TF-10TF, then why try and launch a monster of a console and make the next gen leap look much less impressive?

This would make it tougher for MS to market Project Scarlett since they will either have to really push the GPU performance and pay a hefty price for that, or possibly sacrifice CPU cores to keep the die size and cost down, or use two separate dies, still increasing costs. PS5 could be 8.4TF and it will seem like a much larger and more worthwhile leap in comparison to a 9TF-10TF Scarlett. Even if PS decided to shoot for 10TF and that happened to be where Scarlett landed as well, then it would still look better for PS than MS, due to the difference in performance gains on paper. PS will be able to use this to their advantage, where it would hurt MS, making their advancement seem weaker.

8 Teraflops isn't needed for guaranteed full native 4k.

It all depends on the level of fidelity you wish to chase, there is more to life than flops... Which is finally the message Microsoft and Sony are starting to put out there that is also finally starting to catch on with the gaming community. Yay. Finally.

Flops has always been irrelevant, it's a theoretical number, not a real world one.

Not sure you got the main point, that in terms of the future marketing of the PS5, pointing out that XB1X at 6TF wasn't going to be "true 4k" like MS was saying, and that the next PS console would be at least double the GPU performance of the Pro (on paper), and would basically be guaranteed full native 4k capable. Maybe that's what he was hinting, maybe not. That wouldn't mean all games would be 4k/60 or whatever, but that they all would be capable of running 4k/30 if a dev wanted to without having to downgrade the eye candy. Also would depend on what PS would require from devs who make games for PS5. Cerny may have had an idea about where Navi was planned to land in terms of it's capabilities, and would know approximately where PS5 was planned to land in terms of performance, so he would be able to say something like he did, knowing he wouldn't be all that far off, and worst case hopefully, it's actually 8TF and no lower his sake. I was looking at the statement in less of a tech perspective and more of an overall marketing perspective. If Cerny is going to be the lead architect but also one of the faces and voices of the company, he has to play the PR game too.

Trumpstyle said:

I just wanna point out that pastebin "leak" is fake which Hollygamer posted. It's just a copy & paste from what the reddit user ruthenicCookie said. He was the first to say Sony would have a small PS5 reveal mid 2019, he also was the first to say Sony wouldn't be at E3 this year. And he said a bunch of stuff about VR2 and PS5 being a monster and targeting $500 price point.

I think the teraflops number will be lower than what people are expecting. A 36CU clocked at 1,6ghz or lower is what we should expect, this is a 7,3 Teraflop gpu and will have a power consumption of 160W including GDDR6 memory. Xbox one X gpu had a power consumption of 150W so we shouldn't expect much more than this.

The gonzalo leak might be true as we now have 4 reports saying PS5 being more powerful than Xbox Scarlett and I expect both console to have 36CU's, gonzalo is likely a 36CU gpu clocked at 1,8ghz (8,3TF) its performance should land just slightly below radeon 5700xt, but I'm sceptical of this as this gpu will pull about 200W that is gpu alone. But Sony might go with crazy clock speed who knows.

Link to RuthenicCookie comments (he recently said in another post PS5 will cost between $500-600):

PS3 started with a 380w PSU and the PS3SS had a 190w PSU.

PS4 started with a 250w PSU and the PS4S now has a 165w PSU.

PRO started with a 310w PSU and now must have a max 250w PSU.

PS5 being x86 again, even with Ryzen and RDNA efficiency gains, it wouldn't be crazy to see it hit around 300w if it's going to be at least another 2.3X leap like Pro was over PS4.