If not THE best IMO as of right now that Season 3 part 2 has finished and depending how the final season is gonna be like when it finishes next year it could be my top Anime show ever even topping FMAB... hell it's one of the best SHOWS in general i've ever watched including normal tv shows and after the epic fail the GOT final season was watching this was like heaven.  I have been saying this from day one! but nooooo back then it was overrated and lots of people hated it because it was too popular but look how the situation has changed now it's so funny looking at it today when it doesn't have that through the roof hype everyone is like ohh damn this shit is freaking awesome.  i noticed how good and special it was from the beginning all the good and epic stuff the rich and mysterious story, characters the goddamn godlike animation and epic music.. and omg the stakes the feel of loss and defeat THE EPIC REVEALS !! It has everything i'm seriously impressed with this anime and i can't wait for the final season to see how it's all gonna wrap up.

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