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DonFerrari said:
RolStoppable said:

You should ask yourself why American companies have chosen China for production and stuck with them for so long despite the risk of getting their knowledge copied. It's because low production costs are more important to them than anything else, so naturally they are against tariffs because that undermines their entire system of producing cheap in China and being able to have good prices in the USA. If tariffs were introduced, they would have to rise the prices of their products to make customers pay for the difference, because they wouldn't eat the costs themselves.

As for World War III, there were more talks about Hillary Clinton being able to cause it, because she was outspoken against Russia whereas Trump wanted to be BFF with Putin.

There are other cheap places to manufacture electronics, and if they didn't value their IP secrets they wouldn't have patents and protections, sue other companies and whatnot.

Perhaps we receive different news but every one I saw were saying he would trigger it, even more during the threats to NK.