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Barkley said:
curl-6 said:

A power increase of only 30% wouldn't really be worth it, better off sticking with current performance levels and boosting battery life.

Honestly the biggest benefit here would be bringing down production costs by moving to a smaller fabrication process, as it gives them room for a price cut without cutting into their profit margins.

Ye, but I'm not convinced that there will be a price cut with the new revision straight away. I think they'll just sell the new "Silent, longer lasting" switch at the same price. For the first few months anyway, and make more profit per console sold.

Maybe if they launch it for the holidays this year they'll drop the price around march/april, though they'll have deals over the holidays anyway.

Oh i didn't mean immediately, the way it's going I don't think it'll need a price cut til the second half of 2020.

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