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Barkley said:

Sorting by newest on PlayStation Store shows zero releases in 2019, other than The Last of Us, which I think is just listed as June 2019 release date because they created a new store page for it when they announced they were shutting down it's multiplayer.

So in terms of Retail games yeah Fifa 19/Just Dance look like the last ones, The most recent digital title is Hyper Void Complete which launched on 6th November 2018.

Thanks, that was the info I wanted. Does the PS3 store show if there are any games still to come?

I tried to check the same thing on my 360 but it's all screwy; I try to browse "new releases" by "release date" and it gives me a bunch of crap from all random years in random order; 2013, 2009, etc.

But yeah, looks like PS3/360 may indeed have sung their last song. End of an era.

Last edited by curl-6 - on 28 June 2019

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