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Cerebralbore101 said:

Every game console has to launch, and then pick up steam, when it comes to getting new games. Every game console eventually loses steam. I think 2020 and/or 2021 will be the slowest year/s for new console games/handheld since 1996. Why? For the longest time console and handheld launches have been set apart just enough to make it so at least one system was always hitting its stride, in terms of new games.

But now we are going into 2020. Nintendo pretty much gave everything they had for this year, so 2020 may be a bit of a slow year for them, the same way it was slow in 2018. 

There's no handhelds, or 4th console hanging around to buff up the numbers anymore. 

PS4 is selling very well, but it isn't the 150 million juggernaut that was the PS2. So I doubt it will get as much 3rd party support as the PS2 got in it's final years. 

I'm pretty sure they didn't, far from it. They still have tons of franchises that didn't release a game on the Switch, and several which still can have another title on the Switch, like a Mario Kart 9 or a Paper Mario, for instance.