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Going through my post history, damn do I love to talk about relationships and girls I've liked in the past. Even if it wouldn't work out (here's looking at you trashleg), it's fun to reminisce about the past.

There are a lot of unfamiliar faces on this site since I've been gone. I've posted here and there since 2011/12 when I posted less and less. My goal was 10k posts after all. For those not in the know, I have the 2nd or 3rd most moderations on this site (at one point I was first) without being perma'd. Thanks mods for not permabanning me.

Now onto the goods. I will list the events in neat, summarized bulleted list.

* Meet girl in July 2015. Everything's great. Her name was Alex.
* October rolls around and she's still with me. It's my birthday. Everything's awesome. Tell her I love her.
* December comes. Force Awakens comes out. Fucking sweet.
* A week later, I propose and she's head over heels in love. Sweet.
* January, we decide we want to get married in the church (I'm catholic). She doesn't have a problem with it. Cool.
* February she has a "pregnancy scare" and I'm like IDGAF, I'm with you and am not going to abandon you.
* Year progresses smoothly. June, I move out of my apartment and move into a house with my bro.
* Ask her if she wants to get married this year or next. She says 2016. Okay, cool. Are you fine with living at my bro's house til we get a down payment for our own house?  Of course senpai snes-kun I love you so much.

* September, we're supposed to go to some theme park but I haven't slept in 2 days due to stress from getting married in less than a month. Have to miss. She goes and get's a flat tire on the way there and I was collapsed from exhaustion. Her friends saved her I guess, Idk. can't remember.
* October, get married 5 days after my birthday. Chicago was great. We didn't die. Everything's great even after the rocky patch the previous month.
* November we get in a car accident (a police officer made an illegal U and drove into us.) Car's a wreck. We get it fixed. We're tough right? [also started working at Fedex this month]
* Christmas and new years were fine. We start looking into buying a house.
* April rolls around and we start looking at houses. We find a super cute one near her parents town.
* June, we buy it. (we practically stole it)
* After moving in, we get everything situated and everything is still great.
* Over the course of the next 6 months, she gets more and more distant and talks less and less. (maybe she needs a career change, which I encourage)
* She goes back to school and barely talks about it (EMT program, 7 months or something)
* She finishes in August (super proud husband) but we barely talk and haven't had consistent sex in 8 months.
* October, we go to Grand Rapids for a long weekend and get trashed every night. We had sex once.
* end of month we go to an anime convention. She claimed that all these "hot girls were staring at us and giving her dirty looks, like what's she doing with that hot guy" <---- direct quote.

Two weeks later she leaves me with bullshit of "It's not fair that I'm making you miserable in your life and you deserve a chance to be happy, so I'm letting you go."

That was November 11, 2018. Two years and 1 month almost to the day since we'd been married and 3.5 since we met.

But I know she was full of shit. Because if the shit she fed me about girls thinking I was at least attractive, I would've been on more than one date since the divorce was finalized in February.

Thanks for reading!

And fuck you Alex.