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With the right selection of Switch games you can leave your JoyCons at home and make the Switch better pocketable; f.e. point&click adventures, visual novels and perhaps some strategy games.

You can browse through your library and change settings all with the touchscreen. When you start a game and a requester asks you to press a button 3x, you can tip on the touchscreen 3x. If you want to leave a game and go back to the home menu, you press the power button twice, then tip on "highlights", tip the touchscreen 3x and finally tip on "B back".

But not every Switch game with touchscreen support can handle the lack of a connected JoyCon or Pro controller, some of them need the A button to start the game or other buttons to reach game options or the save/restore menu or you have to press the L + R button.

So I want to make a list of the Switch games which work 100% with only touchscreen input. I'd be glad if you test some of your games with touchscreen input to add them. To be sure that the JoyCons aren't connected wireless, the flight mode should be activated.

So far I've found these games which don't need button input:

  • Agatha Knife + MechaNika (a tip on the girl opens the inventory, from there you can save and reach the main menu)
  • Civilization VI
  • Demetrios: The Big Cynical Adventure (a tip on the house icon in the upper left corner opens the menu)
  • Darkest Dungeon
  • Fallout Shelter (a tip on the Pip-Boy icon in the lower right corner opens the menu)
  • Human Resource Machine
  • Little Inferno
  • The Mystery of Woolley Mountain (a tip on the + icon in the lower right corner opens the menu)
  • Thimbleweed Park (a tip on the character icon in the upper right corner shows a gear, which opens the main menu)
  • True Fear: Forsaken Souls (a tip on the text in the lower left corner opens the menu)
  • VOEZ (a tip on the icon in the upper left corner opens the menu)
  • World of Goo
Last edited by Conina - on 26 June 2019