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Amnesia said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

Due to E3? Because there's no other real reason for rising sales this year.

Last year had Fortnite, Paladins and Sushi Striker to push the sales. I don't think Cadence of Hyrule can be enough to push up to 220k

I don't believe that any of these 3 games are HW sale pusher. Or maybe a 5-6000 boost all together but it falls under the tolerance gap of the VGC estimation. I only believe that 3+ millions sellers (SMM2, FE, AS, LM3, Link's Awekening, the 2 Pokemon) can have a visible boost effect.

Then why do you exclude Fortnite? It got downloaded 2M times in it's first week on the Switch.

What's more, it's on half of all Switch systems - that's a higher attach rate than MK8DX has!

Add to that the fact that Fortnite had been hyped up a lot at the time, and I really wonder why you leave it out as a reason for pushing sales.