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the original xbox gives us the base name Xbox... the 360 gives us the circle or ring, the current sales of the X1 give the name death and now the Scarlett gives us the colour Red.... Over 4 Generations Microsoft have stealth trolled everyone by naming or designing their projects as the Xbox red ring of death!

Sorry for my 4am brain popping this out but it made me chuckle, honestly would think MS should avoid any mentions of red colours with the xbox brand after the 360s notorious hardware failure light setup.

As for using an SSD as Virtual ram.... honestly, that's a f'ing PC page file and it has existed in the PC space for 20+ years and it was used in the original xbox as that system used the hdd as a cache for textures as well, there's no way these machines are gonna be coming out with 2TB of SSD space and not costing over 500e because if they were that cost then PC gamers would buy the console and rip out the ssd to install in their PC and just bin the stripped console.

If they're talking about 4/8k games then the file sizes for games with those type textures will be in excess of 100GB per game, anything less than 2TB of storage on the consoles is going to hamper usability after a handful of titles are installed.

edit - Just in case anyone feels that my "Death" comment regarding the sales of the X1 brand right now is a troll or a subjective dig at the console I would ask you to look at the weekly sales of the machine and think to yourself at the point where a weekly sales of an xbox system which is being outsold by the Nintendo Switch in the US market by 2:1 is anything other than dead or effectively dead. I would challenge the machine as being objectively dead in the water in terms of sales standing against its 2 rival platforms.

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