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Gotta keep in mind as well that if the Switch Lite is on the horizon in 2020 you'll see a lot of people who have the original model for 2 years of gaming now wanting to jump over and buy a new system, especially if people have a Switch where the joy con's aren't as sharp as they used to be with regards ghosting of the sticks, you are looking at either paying 80 for a new pair of joy cons or else consider waiting a few months and just getting a new lite Switch model and maybe relagating the older unit into the dock for home play or.... hack the thing for homebrew and piracy. I'm just saying when the DSLite came out almost everyone who had an original DS system also went on to buy a Lite as well, so you are looking at around 35-40million Switch owners at that stage who'll see the new model and think of the upgrade as well as new customers into the eco system.

Not to mention that will cause a spike in games as well as a new model would cause a spike of used Switch models hitting second hand stores, pushing down the prices of them and opening up the system to gamers on a tighter budget who couldn't commit at the 300e level but would go for a "old" version for 1/3 of that pre owned.

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