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One thing I noticed about Nintendo's software strategy with the Switch is that they gradually build upon it little by little each year with a different focus. 2017 focused on wooing hardcore Nintendo fans with Long-awaited fan favorites like a the next gen Zelda, Mario Odyssey, and Splatoon 2, plus the newcomer, ARMS. 2018 was about establishing the Switch's more relaxed side with things like Nintendo Labo, Super Mario Party, Mario Tennis, and Pokemon Let's Go!, as well as getting those who skipped the Wii U all caught up on some of its better titles. So far, 2019 is all about roping in non-Nintendo fan gamers from other systems with games like Marvel UA3, Daemon X Machina, Astral Chain, more timely released/fan favorite third party games, as well as younger players just coming off of the 3DS with Yoshi, 2D Zelda, Box-Boy and Pokemon Sword and Shield.

If the logic is sound, then by my calculations, 2020 is when everything will really come full circle. I expect next year will be when the Switch will have everything from its first 3 years all rolled into a single year. The casual stuff with Animal Crossing, the stuff for hardcore Nintendo fans with Breath of the Wild 2 (if it makes 2020 that is), the third party support of 2019, the handheld style games, and any new games and IP that fit those categories, all in a single year. Each year also has featured more and more First party games each month, so 2020 is probably going to where everything crescendos for the Switch.