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They should run a commercial for this were a fairly fit guy goes in the shower uses this and then returns to talk to his family with his voice edited to sound like a 12 year old talking through a $2 microphone telling people that he was busy in the shower fucking their mothers and getting headshots in call of duty in the shower.

Still though, it's just an endorsment, a fairly weird one to go with Nintendo branding a Mario Cereal, so you can eat sleep and drink video games... (providing you can drink body wash and not die). It probably didn't cost them anything to do and gets Xbox brand into peoples heads while they're away from gaming completely so that's not a bad thing at all when it comes to doing marketing right, considering that their stronghold in the game console industry has taken a dent with the X1 it's fairly smart to go about other ways of keeping the public aware that Xbox is a thing until their new console is ready to ship out.

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