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Jumpin said:
Shikamo said:

Well, looks like a another lazy port made by Capcom for Switch..

IR motion controls is what made this A- PS2 era game an A+ game on Wii. In 2019, I am not sure if I’d be able to tolerate old fashioned controls for this game when the switch is capable of better. I won’t touch this thing, it’s not worth my time let alone my money.

Thing is, I replayed RE4 on Xbox One last year. I eventually got used to it but the controls were horrendous. It was made at a time when people were still figuring out how to use the right stick. The right stick was used to look around but you couldn't use it to aim at all. And the sensitivity was crazy! You had to use the left stick for everything and you had to choose a button to make you aim. My mind just refused to accept this configuration for hours.

The motion controls remedied all of this. I'm pretty sure the Switch controls are just as bad. If it had Wii controls I'd have bought it but in its current state (and price), nah.

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