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TomaTito said:
melbye said:
Wonder what that $199 thing is
Kai_Mao said:

Too expensive for the usual Nintendo special edition...Could it be?!?!

KLAMarine said:
$199.99? Wonder what that is?
Bofferbrauer2 said:
The most interesting things about it are:

1. The $199.99 thing. What could that be?
2. Most things are priced $59.99, meaning Switch probably gets quite a few new announcements of either new Nintendo games and/or AAA ports, as Indies and retro collections, even physical versions thereof, are generally cheaper than that.

If any of you would have read the source you would have your answer.

And here is the second post with the printed image.

That does't tell if it's a bundle or a premium edition, and from what. So, the question remains: what could it be?