You can tell they took to heart criticism of the 2014 film not giving Godzilla enough screentime, he gets a lot more exposure this time.

As a fan of the series I also loved how many little references, Easter eggs, and homages to the classic films there were throughout the movie; (series/movie spoilers) from the

twin female scientists studying Mothra referencing the twin fairies of the old films, the inclusion of the Oxygen Destroyer, Ghidorah losing a head like he does in the 1991 and 2004 films, Godzilla's "burning" form only previously seen in 1995, the remix of Godzilla's original musical theme by Akira Ifukube, the heroes having a super-plane, Mothra sacrificing herself and passing on her essence to revive a fallen ally, the Monarch outpost numbers being the years that the monsters they guarded debuted

Plus I'm sure there's others I missed.

The filmmakers clearly did their research and watched the old movies extensively.

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