Dulfite said:
Megiddo said:

China can easily win a trade war with the U.S. They have far more buyers for their exports than just the United States. Whereas in the US many of our exports were sent mainly to China and we are having difficulty finding other partners. China is in a much, much more advantageous position to 'win'.

I disagree, but that's okay. In 15-30 years China is going to be dealing with a situation that makes our baby boomer social security problem look like a joke. That need as much money from us as possible, as quickly as possible, while they try to sort out their own mess. You can think what you'd like, that's fine, and you may be right in the end, but I think Trump will break China on tariffs just like he did Canada and Mexico.

Trump's deal with Canada did little more than reinforce the idea that picking a fight with them was an awful idea. The changes in regards to Canada are minor (especially for an update of a document that Trump called the worst trade deal ever made) and are mostly feel-good measures which do little more than give Trump a talking point he can use to tell people that he "won" and that is assuming it even gets passed in its current form.