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JSG87 said:
Hang on how does Capcom not adding Motion controls make them lazy or a bad developer? I understand they haven't been the best developer on Switch but how does this specific game make them lazy?

I wouldn't exactly call them lazy or anything. It's just that these games were $20 on more capable systems on day one. They've been on sale since, of course. Not only that, the retail version of RE4 for the Wii was just $30 at launch back in 2007 and it had optional motion controls.

They're charging $10 more for a 2004 game with less content.

I just did a replay of RE4-RE7 and both Revelation games in 2018. I really enjoyed all of them but I admit RE6 was a chore at times. RE4's regular controls took some getting used to but they kinda suck.

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