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TalonMan said:
SKMBlake said:
I have an issue with badges, every day I have a notification saying "you earned 5 badges today" and it's been going on for weeks now, I have 63 badge-related notifications

Ganoncrotch said:

scroll down to notifications and just untick the badge related stuff.

Wow - i can't believe this is still being asked - and I'm actually surprised by your answer, Ganoncrotch because that addresses the symptom and not the cause (which leads me to believe you don't know the answer either):

 - You need to go here:

 - At the top of the screen will be notifications regarding each badge you've earned.

 - You need to clear these, otherwise the notification will pop-up again each day.

I've asked this before, but if anybody knows a better way of informing people regarding updates and changes, I'm all for hearing about it. I know this particular issue has been asked and answered at least a half-dozen times, and it's still obvious that people don't know about it...  :(

Sounded like the person doesn't care about badge things since they left it go to 63 notifications about badges, not that he is clearing it daily and but just has left it go to the point where badges are all his notifications are about, my solution means he won't have to see badge notifications at all since I read it as someone who yeah.... isn't going to clear them one time nevermind daily.

My solution points to where he could control what aspects of the forum send notifications and he can use that to not just clear the 5 he gets each day but wont be flooded with them again in the future.

Just out of interest, with the current setup do the daily notifications push for offline members who earn a badge? So in a scenario where someone would have a badge added to their account while away from the site like the "didn't get modded for 10 minutes" badge, would they pile up a notification every day until they returned to vgchartz? or is it a push per day at login?

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