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Green098 said:

I think maybe having a pie chart or something to visually display the weekly hardware sales could be nice (maybe with the ability to toggle between each regions sales).

But anything more might be going a bit overboard. The space on the front page is quite limited as it is trying to fit in sales figures, news/articles and the forums all at once. I think a bunch of randoms charts and graphs being squished in would make things look too cluttered.

The charts which already get created and posted in the news/articles section is a good enough imo. Plus having them there allows people to post comments on them too.

I think there's plenty of stuff on the Front Page that could be truncated or elimated to be honest.  And this would only be like a 4 inch by 6 inch spot in a central position and would really help to identify the site as a chart site.  It would be a fun, interactive, creative tool...and you could even click into it for comments and the like.  I'm not trying to take anything away from the other creative aspects of the site, but sections like "Most Popular Games" and "Database Updates" aren't really major features, and certainly the number of news articles prent could be reduced to 10 instead of 15.  Right there you would open up space for this enhancement.  As a graph it would also be appealing and wouldn't clutter up the front page.