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Something that I really think that is lacking on the front page of this site is charts.  Right now the front page is mostly forum, news, and LISTS of numbers from different titles and consoles.  The only chart is the current generational battle, which we all have to admit is kind of boring to look at.  I mean, grass grows faster than that chart will change...literally.

I think it would be nice to see a different daily or weekly chart showing interesting comparisons.  For instance, the difference of consoles sold each generation, or the difference of mainline Zeldas, CoDs, or Halos sold over the genrations.  Many of these charts are currently available and the chart tools are really neat.  But sadly you have top click through to get to any of those features.  It's almost like we're hiding them.

The name of the site suggests one thing, but our front facing impression just shows a run of the mill gaming news blog/site.  And we all know this site is way cooler and more unique than that description.  Having these front page charts be modifiable as well would be a fun new toy for all of us.  I know that these charts are being created, and that they're posted in the NEWS section.  But again, I'm talking about something that a passive viewer of the site can't help but see and notice, fiddle with, and become intrigued with digging deeper.

Any thoughts on this?

Last edited by super_etecoon - on 10 May 2019