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What is your favorite format to enjoy music?

Personally, I prefer streaming. I subscribe to Amazon Music which pretty much allows me to listen to any song I could want. I mostly stream music at work or at the gym. I like that it allows me to download mp3s to my phone so I can listen to them offline.

Prior to streaming I would download mp3s. First I used to obtain them illegally (remember Limewire) but eventually I started buying song by song or whole albums. My preferred physical format is CD because you can rip the mp3 files anyway. CDs also sound amazing and you can listen to them in your car. I considered starting a badass CD collection but I don't like the physical clutter plus its hard to switch music to find specific songs you want to hear at a certain time.

I am baffled by the resurgence in popularity of vinyl. I think it is a nostalgia thing. Some people swear that the analog sound quality is better. For me though it is just so inconvenient. You have to flip over the records to continue listening, you can't play vinyl in your car or computer. The album artwork is nice though. I bought a hybrid record player (also plays CDs, Radio, and Bluetooth) for my dad as birthday present and even he agreed that it is kind of stupid. Vinyl sales are on the rise though. Hipsters!

So what is your favorite format for listening/collecting music?

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