colafitte said:

Wii is more similar to SNES in year 6 than N64 or GC. Ok, but Wii still didn't last as much as SNES or NES. That was always my point. You will always said it droped so much because if was intentional because reasons you say and i will always say it happened because Wii in 2011 was not a compelling console anymore. Zelda Skyward Sword, one of the most hyped games ever launched at the end of 2011 with critical aclaim and despite the huge install base of the Wii it was incapable of being a comercial success like Twilight Pricess. Why?? Was because the game in itself was bad??, or was because people didn't liked to use nunchuks anymore??, or because the game looked aged in 2011??, What was the reason?.

And a fad, to me....because i don't know how to express myself any better, it's something that is VEEEEEERY HUGE (way more popular item against direct competion or something so new that creates a new market in itself), and then in a year or two, even 3 if you want....a variable period of time, then...poof is not the most popular anymore. Examples: Singstar, EyeToy, Kinect (KING OF FADS), Guitar Hero, Just Dance...3D gaming hype didn't even last the launch of the hardware..... Wii Nunchuks style of gaming was IN MY OPINION, in the same category of those fads. That doesn't mean that Wii didn't had a big library and some very good games, but the reason why Wii sold muuuuuuch more than N64 and GC was not because it had 3x bigger or better library of games. That was always my point, and you can take it or not. The fact that Nintendo decided that they could not compete with a home console only anymore with the launch of the Switch was the confirmation i needed. The market for console+handhled  shrinked last gen for Nintendo, not because of Sony, not even for smartphones or tablets. It was because Nintendo could not mantain the level of success of the Wii in the home console market (hardware becoming too expensive to compete against Sony and Microsoft, lack of 3rd party support, ...whatever the reason). DS did bonkers and 3DS did really fine, so Nintendo realised there was only one solution possible to maximize success: a Hybrid console (or a superpowerful handheld depending on the person). We are in 2019, and i've made my mind about the reasons of the Wii success for a decade, so i won't change my opinion now. Anyone can have their own theory. I respect yours and i accept some things you said, but the main reasons are still intact in my mind.

I appreciate your points but i think we both agree we have to stop here. As always a pleasure to discuss things this way.

In my mind the best Nintendo home consoles based on software are in this order: SNES>N64>GC>Switch>Wii>WiiU>NES, So that's why i defended N64, I honestly think it was a better console relatively to its time if we only talk about the games.

Gameplay > Graphics

Substance > Style

Art Direction > Realism