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Mnementh said:

I used my signature to keep track of some predictions I thought were interesting in one way or another. Time to clean up a bit and look how well it held up:

  • Predict how much the Switch will sell (thread, January 2017): Switch sold past the first three poll options so far, which combines 32% of the votes. Currently the Switch is in the 30M-40M bracket, which voted 15% for. At this point it seems unlikely the Switch sells less than 50% lifetime, which would mean 60% voted too low.
  • another thread from April 2017: leo-j started the thread in the assumption the Switch would fail badly, but the majority of voters disagreed and voted for way more than the above (which ended at 30%). Yay, most got it right. As usual, Rol got wise insight.
  • Monster Hunter World blew past all expectations of June 2017. Currently it has more than 11 million shipped copies, which is more than the highest option I gave (>10M). Only 5% got it right. I myself voted 3M-4M. Let's come the tasty crows. Well, at least I expected more out of the title than the majority of poll-voters.

So, most of these are decided by now. So this summarize will help me to finish that up and release the links from my sig.

Intresting :)

I didnt assume Switch would sell more than 60m, back then in that thread (predict how much the switch will sell).

Switch lifetime figures? "Way more than the above" (other options where all below 30m).

I only thought Monster Hunter World would do like 4m  (; _ ;)  (guess I wasnt optimistic enough)

"I myself voted 3M-4M. Let's come the tasty crows."

Atleast I wasnt alone lol.
Alot of people where really negative about it being on a non nintendo platform.... I always assumed it would do "okay".
But yeah, I need to eat crow for that.

Same with my prediction of Switch only selling 60m..... needless to say I think it ll do more now.

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