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Darwinianevolution said:
To be fair, activity here is very dependant on the amount of news the gaming industry offers, and right now, everything is very still waiting for the next generation of consoles.

This. Once we start getting concrete news about next gen, as well as the first few months of sales, traffic should escalate. Right now, there's not much going on. PS4 and Switch are doing great and XBO is just okay. It's been like this for 2 years, now, so not too much to talk about sales-wise.

d21lewis said: 
No. Let them leave. I've been waiting 12 years to finally have this place all to myself so I can jerk off. 


Jesus fucking Christ. I'm glad I finished drinking my soda before I read this, lol.

dgboweniii said: 

I got banned, questioned these idiot mods, and got permabanned....  this will happen again now.  The mods killed the site, and should have stayed in their lane.

Well, this was an unwise post.