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Thor looking and acting the way he did was just hilarious. Just as Banners dorkiness did, to a lesser degree,

The final battle managed to top the one from infinity war about tenfold, and that was incredible.


Starks funeral at the end is emotional, but I found it very curious to find the Pyms there, considering their backstory in Ant-Man stated that the two weren't on speaking terms, to say the least. Also, the appearance of the tagalong kid from Ironman 3 in there - who else remembered him?

Who died in the end? Black Widow, and she apparently couldn't be revived due to having been the offering for the Soul Stone; Tony Stark died, but looks like Pepper could take over the role as Ironman. Finally, while not dead, Steve Rogers is now an old man thanks to spending his life with his love interest from 80 years ago, and gave his shield to Falcon. Which leaves the question who will take the falcon mantle? Maybe Bucky?

Best Scene in the movie for me is however probably the Cap vs Cap Mirror Match - and the comment about his ass in the old costume ^^

Most heartwarming probably Tony finally being able to have a heart to heart talk with his dad, without the latter knowing this of course.

Last edited by Bofferbrauer2 - on 25 April 2019