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If you've not gone and seen the movie I really advise you go and do so before reading anything in this post because the movie is great, more so it's greater imo the more of the MCU that you've taken part in along the last decade so yeah... go see the movie!

I'm mostly just gonna spew what I recall of the movie then add my thoughts after that, if you don't want beat for beat plot just skip to the TL:DR at the end, I'll try and leave my thoughts and feelings out of the plot as I go, but could fail as I type this, I am just out from the Cinema a few hours ago.


- Remaining Avengers get together (Captain Marvel Flies Stark and Nebula back to the crew on Earth), they look about for any info that they might have come about where Thanos has gone, then Nebula tells them of a planet name that he wanted to go to after he finished his work and Rocket see's that a massive burst of energy has gone off on said planet 2 days prior, that energy is the same as the one released from the click.... they dart off to him, arriving to find a completely toasty Thanos sorting out his crops, no stones remain in the universe as he destroyed them to get rid of the temptation to undo his work, Thanos begins a monologue about why he did what he did and is very quickly interrupted by Thor who takes his head clean off, replying to a question of "what did you do?" with "I went for the head" he walks off out and tries to be happy in the victory that he's achieved somewhat silent and knowing that it's a fairly hollow one... the Avengers start to leave and we have a chilling cut.... to




The wait for those words to appear I think felt like one of the longest for me in movie history, 5 days... like you can undo some of that... but in 5 years holy shit the Earth nay Universe is in tatters, a scattered Avengers attempt to keep on top of basically galaxy wide suicide attempts as planets all suffer the same losses as Earth has, on Earth you have Hawkeye slicing up anything criminal that remains, Hawkeye having lost all of his family has turned to an absolute weapon of justice.... but far too far and unchecked, he massacres anything he see's as being bad in the world and is shown / talked about leaving butchered bodies in his wake, Stark having turned his back on the Avengers now lives with his wife and 3-4 year old kid girl, he is living life away from it all, delighted with having been lucky in the click and not lost Pepper and his chance at family. Mean while a plot device rat triggers the controls which are keeping the presumed dead Ant Man in the Quantum Realm, he pops out and leaves the impound yard where his van was parked, slowly he goes through streets finding out what has happened until he comes upon memorials to the dead, which include his name on there as he starts to work out he has been gone a long while.

A very stretched to breaking Avengers head office with just Capt and Widow (now leader) see's Antman come to the outside and look for their help, he has been filled in on what happens but tells the remaining Avengers, which include a hulk who is now Bruce and Hulk combined.... in a very strange use of cgi... but I won't stop there, he tells them that he was in the Quantum realm for 5 years, but to him it was just 5 hours in there since time doesn't work quite the same inside, he tries to get Avengers brains to help with the time travel possibilities but they mostly come up short without the mind of Tony Stank, one trip to his house in the woods gets him to tell them to shoo away... but they've left the seed in his mind that he can't stop thinking about.... he has all he wants, his family are safe, Thanos is gone and everything is fine..... he walks passed a picture of him and Peter Parker together... and man the onion chopping in the cinema was fairly intense so he decides he needs to do what he can to help, he opens up the chance for Pepper to tell him to stop helping but she knows that he never will or couldn't rest knowing he might be able to undo what Thanos did.

Tony invents time travel - Brings it to Avengers who've been failing in comedy stylings to push Antman back in time, they come up with a plan to go back to split up and go to points in time where the Infinity stones were and where they could borrow them without people knowing, then return the used stones to those timelines so they could continue on as they should to close all branches of other timelines off.

I cannot recall exactly the teams which go to the different locations but the key parts are!

Captain America / Stark and Hulk go to New York to seek out the 3 stones there during the invasion (Loki's staff, Tesseract and.... the time stone is also there)

Hawkeye / Widow go to fetch the Soul Stone before Thanos

Nebula / .... someone else go to the intro to Guardians of the Galaxy to beat Quill to that Stone

Thor / Rocket go to Azgard to get the reality stone from there

They encounter issues of....

Captain has to pose as a Hydra member saying HAIL HYDRA to the crew from Shield (who are really Hydra) who are taking the mind stone away, he also has a fight with Capt from this timeline who thinks it's Loki impersonating him.

+Mind Stone

Hulk goes off to talk to the Sorcerer Supreme and asks her about Doctor Strange, she lets him know that he's there 5 years too early for that and that Stephen is still doing surgery and wont be with her for some time, he explains the events that have happened and on hearing that Strange freely offered up the stone she gives her Time stone to Hulk, knowing that if Strange had done it then it must be the right thing to do.

+ Time Stone

Stark in disguise fires Antman into his past selfs heart reactor and causes it to short out, having him drop the case containing the Tesseract on the ground, Tony steals it but quickly loses it again to a passed version of the hulk raging about stairs, this version of the Tesseract slides to Loki's feet who is in cuffs from Avengers assemble.... Loki reaches for it and ports himself and the stone away.... so there is a wild Loki out there with a Space stone.

- no Space Stone

Tony and Capt know where they can get more time travel juice and have another shot at the tesseract so they use their jump home to instead jump to the 70s and a base which contains Hank Pim and the Tesseract, they get both but not before Capt see's his long lost love through a window and Tony meets up with his Dad who is going through issues in the lead up to the birth of Tony, Tony actually tells Howard the piece of advice that Howard will later gift on to Tony... god damn time travel!

but yeah

+ Time Stone

Hawkeye and Widow arrive to get the soul stone but they're met with the same issue Thanos had where he needed to give a soul he loved for it, they fight over who will sacrifice but Widow ends up going off... making the ultimate sacrifice she falls to the rocks below, porting Hawkeye to the sea where the stone is granted to him, he is visibly shattered by this act, in no words he says books of story with his emotions here.

+ Soul Stone

Thor and Rocket have little real trouble getting the reality stone, but Thor does get to talk to his mother before she would go on to be murdered later that day, while in this version of Asgard and after getting the stone Thor holds up his hand and waits.... his hammer flies from this dimension and locks to his hand before they port away, his mother wise to him not being her Thor but happy she got to send him on his way with wellwishes of a mother.

+ Reality Stone + Mjornir

Nebula and other person.... possibly Mantis go and follow Quill to the Stone he will get at the start of Guardians, he leads them right to it and they knock him out, Nebula roasts her hand to get out the stone and gives it to the other person with her... before they go back in time... but Nebula is not able to travel back! In orbit of this world is Thanos' ship, on which is his loyal Gamora and Nebula fighting for his praise but Thanos' Nebula drops to the ground getting a vision of things that the good Nebula has seen, including things about Thanos' victory and how they plan to undo it, Thanos rips into his Nebula's head to get every piece of information about what will happen over the next 9 years to him.... doing so leaves our Nebula in a pile and she is captured by Thanos who extracts more info from her, loading the 9 years in the past Thanos with Knowledge of the future and the plan to undo his work. But.... Bad Nebula takes the gold plates from good Neb and puts them on her head, she also takes the time travel return device and vows loyalty to Thanos before returning in good Nebula's place.

+ Power Stone

- Good Neb

+ Bad Neb

Everyone back in Avengers HQ celebrate the success of the stones but mourn the lose of Widow, they put the Stones together into a Gauntlet of Stark design which expands out to take Hulks massive hand into it, Banner had noted that the amount of Gamma radiation which came from the gloves powered up state would effectively kill anyone else so he must put it on, they lock down the area's they're in for all this scene so no outside interference can get to them.... also they have failed to notice bad Nebula is working with the time machine and tinkering with nobs and dials on it!

Hulk puts on the glove and clicks with the wish to basically unkill all those that Thanos has killed on his conquest, but leaving the 5 years of time having passed so that Tony will keep his daughter and the timeline can go on knowing what happened, this click seems to work (But absolutely toasts Hulks right arm) but at the same time Nebula fires up the time machine and pulls through..... Thano's giant spaceship! Hory Shite, the Avengers come out to get a few calls from the people who were dusted away before looking to the sky to see a barrage of missiles coming down, their HQ is absolutely destroyed from orbit as Thanos rains hell down on the place (he manages to kill a total of no one doing this, I have no idea how) Thanos sits outside the ruined HQ while his daughters and select group of minions go inside to fetch the gauntlet, Capt America, Thor with 2x Weapons and Iron man reach the surface to face Thanos, he is fully armored in his gear which he dropped after getting the 2nd stone as no armor or weapon was required by him, but dear lord his weapons and armor are incredibly effective!

He tells the Avengers that he see's his plan has basically gone tits up, that if he leaves half the universe's life alive all they'll do is cry and pine for the dead rather than celebrate being alive, his new plan is to get the glove and destroy all life in the universe and recreate a better universe in it's place, where people won't know of the deaths and they'll just pop into existance happy to be alive and not sad as they won't know what came before, the avengers agree this can't happen so they engage. (capt, iron man, thor)

Good Nebula has a heart to heart with Loyal Gamora and tells her of her leaving Thanos's side, telling her why she does it and Gamora agree's with all that Neb has said as she has no reason not to believe her based on Nebula knowing all the future that happened, the two travel down into the ruined HQ to seek out the glove to aid the goodies! They find Bad neb and try to talk her over, but in a stand off good neb has to shoot the bad one in the heart because she knows that she won't turn at this point in time as she is too scared of Thanos, they take the Gauntlet to the surface.

There is an incredible fight going on between the 3 original Avengers and Thanos, even wielding both weapons by Thor can't get much headway in the fight... after a few back and forths with little success we have possibly Stark laid out flat on the ground with an imposing Thanos about to deliver a finishing blow, Thanos is blown away by a blast from Mjornir but.... it's not Thor holding it... the Pan to Captain America being worthy enough to Wield the Hammer and his Shield combo is amazing, Thor exclaims that he knew it was possible for Steve to do it (hinted at with it budging in earlier movies when Capt tried to shift it) but Capt not only is armed with the Hammer but also the lightning it imbues and he knocks seven shades of shit out of Thanos before he gets a really nasty wound during one exchange.... Thanos seizes the oppurtunity and lays into the cap with his giant weapon, cutting viciously at the Shield over and over until it's in fragments scattered around the ground and Thanos lays capt out with a desvastating blow which drops him to the floor.... Tony's Vision is before him.... his allies all layed to waste, panic sets in as to the oncoming loss yet again to Thanos.... before capt gets a radio in his ear buzzing.... can't make it out at first but he is told to look to his left.... a giant Doctor Strange portal opens up.... and holy lord the Cinema was on their feet at the emergence of so many people, not just those who died in the click such as Panther, Strange.... SPIDERMAN WE LOVE YOU, Wasp and others, but also they're joined by Pepper pots in a slick looking Iron Man suit he made for her that she had refused to ever wear.

Thanos summons his children and a ton of monsters to be destroyed in a huge fight that kicks off.... this is pretty much that fight that goes on in all avengers movies where not much goes on other than them trying to get the guantlet across the battle field so they can get the stones into their correct times and out of this one with Thanos who wants to use it to end all life, a fun fight goes on where Spiderman does a lot of work to get it there, helped by captain Marvel but before they make the final leap to the time machine Thanos stops them dead and takes the glove, in a fight with Marvel he drops one of the stones from the glove that she's holding to stop him using and he takes it in the other hand..... now me and mates argued which one it was, I thought time but they thought power, but basically with his free ungloved hand he grips that gem in it and punches Marvel basically out of the ring.... it looks like she jumps to warp to get her away from the fight.

Thanos gets into a small scuffle with stark who he overpowers with mostly ease before raising his hand to click and end it all.... CLICK!...... nothing...... just hollow metal, he looks to his hand to see no gems are there, just the glove, his attention finds its way to Tony who is afixing the last gem in place in his suit.... standing tall with all his strenght... we get "I AM IRON MAN" and a click....... audio drops to that same haunting tone we had in infinity war but this time it is the forces of Thanos who bare all the brunt of the click, slowly they all start to turn to dust, Thanos knows he has lost sits and pines in the middle of the ash.... he looks so defeated as it unfolds before his eyes his plan has failed.... finally when all else is gone... Thanos crumbles to ash too.

Cut to Stark on the ground.... his entire right side of his body singed with flames and still burning from the Gamma radiation you can see soaking from the burnt glove into his body.... his right eye is actually burned slightly in this scene too... it's kinda sick looking, but slowly the camera pans around and reveals more of the side of him that's burned.... basically all the back of his head is toasted too, he slumps back against a rock as spiderman and Pepper check on him, pepper gets a reading from Friday that he's basically fucked.... and yeah... he was Iron man, Stark died to get rid of Thanos... onions gallore in the cinema I was at!

After Tonys funeral we find that Hulk tried his hardest to bring back those sacrificed to get the stone, but it wasn't possible, so both the older version of Gamora and BlackWidow remain dead, we see Thor group up with the asGuardians of the Galaxy as Quill is searching the galaxy to see where the new Gamora dissappeared to. Capt America goes to return the Stones to history so as to finish off the time issues and he takes Thors hammer with him as he has no shield, they await caps return only to have him fail to jump back.... instead there he sits looking out over the lake, a Captain America who didn't return back, but who went the long way around and lived out his life with his lady, now with a new shield which he presents to Falcon (I'm fairly sure) and asks him to don the title of Captain America and he is done... like must be at least 85-90 years old, wearing wedding ring and having lived out his life back to this point again with his lady.


I loved it, dear lord it was everything I was hoping for and so much more, for them to avoid going down the easy route of, just staying there and fixing it with little consequences they actually let it sink in what happened before they began to start to undo the damage.

I would highly recommend going to watch it if you haven't , if you came in here as a fan of comics and wanted to read how close they got to the mark me and some mates were saying that it borrowed from many, but didn't follow any one particular one as far as we could tell. There was moments of sheer joy, happiness and utter utter sadness which is what I would have expected from a movie series now going into it's 20+ films , these are characters we've grown with over the last decade of our lives and I feel not too silly to say that tears were had at points of this and a fist pump to the air at a scene with capt towards the end.

Careful of going to see this with little ones though! there is some blood in scenes and a few profanities, nothing too bad but the sad scenes might get to a few kids in the 9-13 range for sure, you'll be bringing them for ice cream after this movie!

Let me know what you guys thought and if I missed any key scenes out, I am just spewing from memory and am rather tired!

Oh yeah and of note if you care! Loki is back out there somewhere with a space stone and Vision remains out of action for now!

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