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masschamber said:
Chris Hu said:

I get it you only want to read books by right wingers that lie to your face and tell that everything is hunky-dory and the US is the greatest country on earth.

Yes I should left wingers who lies to my face instead, you really need to learn to go beyond insults, attacks and projection.

I read all the left wing books you wikl suggest and then i did further research, and they always end with dishonesty  Blum much like people noam(command economysoviet client state India demonstrates a failure of capitalism) chomsky  Howard (soviet aggression denier) zinn will ignore everything that contradicts their narrative, blum behaves as if the only cause of all world conflict is us intervention while ignoring everything else. The actually believed that us withdrawal of all forces would magically end all conflict.  He willfully ignored that balking countries want us protection, Islamic terrorism existed well before any us involvement in anything, ignores and downplays Chinese or soviet aggression  (which unfortunately  you seem to accept without question).   How much credit do you given the soviet union for victory in world war 2?  They might have sent many men to die but if the us and British hadn't broken the lift waffe, 

Do you realize the soviet union started ww2 just as much as the third reich

Or ho chi mins treatment of the hmong and montegrad, the nva lied constantly to it's population and actually convinced them the Americans were people, you also seem to forget those 1.5 million Vietnamese that fought in the rva and ignore the fact that something like 85% of civilian casualties were caused by the nva and vietcong 

Stuff like Boko Haram and the mess in ethiopia ? The soviet meddling led to those as well

The Islamic revolution in iran that lead to the Iran iraq war, again Marxist lead. 

Castro made cuba such a paradise a quarter of the population fled the country

China and e soviet union were incredible aggressive after ww2, the soviet union conquered half of europe , the soviet frankly without soviet and chinese aggression the us probably would have gone right back isolationism after ww2

Also give a read into Green revolution, antibiotics,  and all the other modernization that ce out of the west and specifically the us before you give moa credit for growing china's population and research the 4 pests campaign before insisting the deaths in the great leap forward are exaggerated.

I really doubt the first part, honestly, considering the huge amount of misinformation you are spreading, literally rewriting history, to fit your limited view about the world. I honestly believe you are a troll, nothing more, nothing less. A half-intellectual who never managed to evolve beyond his anal stage of development, and now he is a big-mouth with a wholly distorted view of history or global culture in general. 

And you have the nerve to call out portals like RT, while you are spreading misinformation, probably for free, like the exact "trolls" you are barking about.

You are exactly what you call Chris, regardless, of where he stands and how he stands behind that. It seems the education and social systems of the "free world" are nowhere near what they used to be... 

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