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betacon said:
Chris Hu said:

That kill count is highly inflated, under Mao China's population also grew from 546 million to 916 million and life expectancy went from 43.8 years to 61.7 years.  I'm not saying he was great but he definitely not as terrible as most people think he was and he definitely wasn't worse then Hitler or Stalin.

 Give up, Christ sake your spewing utter rubbish Mao is every part on the same page as Hitler if not actually worse.

Well no. Mao did make some horrible mistakes, that cost the lives of millions, and there was real persecution in the country as well, but he was the one who made the Chinese miracle a possibility. Never in the history of the world have we seen more people lifted out from poverty in such a short time. And let's face it, they proved that controlled capitalism can be done, so yeah, for their respective nations Mao is without a doubt a more positive influence on the nation than Hitler. 

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