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I like to watch speedrunners. They are usually good people that wants to break records in video-games. One particular guy that I always watch is Calebhart42. Caleb runs Final Fantasy VII, Mega Man series, Mega Man X series, Super Mario RPG and some casual gaming once in a while.

I noticed that since a couple of days ago, he disappeared from Twitch. Then I went to his twitter account and found out what happened.

On last thursday, Caleb went banned from Twitch, having his account suspended for a unannounced period of time. The reason was because, while he was at his regular stream, he accidentally opened a Discord chat window. This window had him using racial slur. He closed the window very quickly, but some people on the chat caught his words.

On his twitter, Caleb posted two videos about what happened, giving his version of the story, apologizing. He also states that he will eventually be back to streaming community.

People at the internet are divided. Even some of his streaming friends are bashing him, while others want to see him back in action as soon as possible.

You can see more here.


Well, I like Caleb. I watch him since 2013 and to be honest, he always looked like a nice guy. I was shocked when I found out what happened to him, but... I don't know. I enjoy his streams a lot.

I honestly hope he overcomes that.