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kirby007 said:

Why you ask?

Its quite simple really as seen in the interview the PS5 is build to be futureproof and has a solid predecessor in the PS4.

The XB4 in the other corner, is rumored to be weaker and doesnt have the same library and most games will be playable on pc anyway. Besides how strong will the brand be after the flipflop known as the XBO.

And then we have the NS a great console but so far behind the curve most tvs wont cater to its resolution in a few years. Doubtfull if even the NSpro will handle stable 1440p/60fps. And ofcourse half its sales have been made in the current gen.

Thus my expectation for next gen which will result saleswise in the order Ps5>xb4>nsw

How is the PS5 more future proof than the ps4? Wasn't the PS4 supposed to last ten years?

The Xbox has by FAR the highest ceiling of any of the big three because of all the companies they've been buying. Their software output next cycle is going to make Sony and Nintendo look like jokes, and I say this as a Nintendo Fan first and foremost. The PC part is going to appeal to PC gamers and is going to lead to even more software sales, which is really the only thing that matters since hardware rarely profits much and often is sold at a loss or break even.

You really think in a few years (which means 3), that TVs won't do 1080p? HAHA. 4k resolution, I bet, won't be even 50% adopted by 2022. Nintendo is fine. The Switch is fine. And the Switch 2.0 will be fine.

I can't even comprehend any of this.