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Ljink96 said:
Well by the logic of a lot of people, Switch's isn't next gen so we can only compare PS5 and Xbox 2 until Switch 2 is released. That's how I see it anyway.

PS3/X360/Wii = Gen 7
PS4/XOne/WiiU = Gen 8
PS5/X4/Switch = Gen 9

Do we really have to explain that Sega Saturn/Dreamcast situation again? Why is Wii Gen 7 if it has the about the same power as GameCube (Gen 6)? Gens have nothing to do with power/resolution. Switch is officially the successor of Wii U, so it must be Gen 9. All sources will switch the Switch to Gen 9 as soon as PS5 will be released.

But maybe Nintendo releases completely new home console hardware next year (with new OS and different design – regarding rumors) and the Switch will be then counted as a handheld and successor of 3DS, since Nintendo is likely to launch new Switch handheld hardware this fall. I really can imagine a powerful stationary unit with gamecard slot and disc drive which can play exclusive content (and demanding 3rd party games with huge file sizes) AND Switch games in better quality (Zelda BOTW in 4K60 is already possible with cemu emulator).

OP: PS5: 100m, X4: 50m, Switch: 110m