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couchmonkey said:
What really drives me nuts is how games across all three consoles are regulary coming with great big day one downloads or tons of patches.that suck up storage and prove the physical product isnt worth aught. I miss the days of buying a whole game and not having to worry that it will be useless or half of what it was in a decade.

As soon as PCs began running games from the harddrive, regularly, back in the 90s, it was inevitable that it was going to happen on console. We're in the last generation or two of separate media now. To be honest, it doesn't bother me one bit - the last game I bought on separate media was probably on the Wii or one of the early 3DS games. As it stands, separate media is just a form of advertisement on retail shelves - and retail space is dying too.

I'll be happy to say goodbye to all that unnecessary extra plastic. Pretty soon people will stop pretending like it actually means something. As far as mobile and PC goes, it's been dropped completely, and no one has looked back... except for a laugh at how silly some of the obsolete media are... Of course, it won't go away completely, I am mostly talking about regular people: there will always be hipsters who still want to play vinyl records and NES cartridges they have to blow on.

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