Trumpstyle said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

85$? Newegg is expensive for those, apparently. I got 60€ on Alternate, Vat included. But the price of an 1TB SSD is about the same, somewhat over 100€, but the cheapest ones had shitty transfer speeds for SSD. Actually usable ones started at over 120€, so twice the price.

An SSD will be included in the build, but I don't expect it to be the main storage. I expect it to be used similarly to StoreMI on AMD 4xx Motherboards, where you can couple a small SSD with any HDD to achieve near SSD speeds for the whole package, as the SSD is mainly used as chache. But that only works on the second and subsequent runs, as it needs the first one to know what to cache.

Anything else would make the build too expensive, like I said before a 2TB SSD (in the interview he also talks about expanding storage, so certainly more than 1TByte) would cost around 250$, that's just too expensive right now.

85€, the 60€ was a desktop one not a laptop.

Even though the article don't exactly dispel the HDD/SSD combo, it's just clear it will be a SSD only.

70€ for a laptop HDD:

It's clear it's not, 250€ for a 2TB SSD would just make it too expensive. Like I said, a solution like StoreMI gets similar results yet is much, much cheaper for Sony.

It is slightly slower than using just an SSD, but the common consumer won't notice that. What's more, it eliminates the risk of only using an SSD: having people cramming them to the brink and then wondering why the performance tanks