Cerebralbore101 said:

For everyone that thinks the price will be too much...

1. The PS3's $600 price tag is $750 in today's money. Inflation is a thing.

2. 360 launched a year earlier for $400 and $300. Wii launched alongside it for $250 with a free game packed in. There's not going to be a $300 XB2 model. Nintendo won't launch alongside them this time.

3. PS2 had been price cut to $129 when PS3 launched. This meant that early adopters weren't able to get much out of selling their PS2 once upgrading to the $600 PS3 launch model. PS4 Pro will likely still be worth $200 used when the PS5 launches. I don't see the Pro being price cut to below $300.

4. PS3 games ran worse then 360 games. I don't see XB2 running better than PS5.

5. 360 had a better library for the first two years. This time around the PS5 is likely to have the better library, since Sony has spent over a decade building up their 1st party developers.

6. PC gaming wasn't quite as popular back in 2006. Nowadays a lot of people spend $1000 on a PC. So a $600 console doesn't seem like such an extravagance in this day and age. 

7. The economy is much better than it was in 2006. It's unlikely that we will see a recession in 2022, like we did in 2008. 

Great points. Sony will be in much better shape going into PS5 than they were going into PS3. Even with all of its road blocks PS3 still ended up selling 85M+. PS5 at $499.99 should have no problems being a huge success. I think that is the magic number for a base console going into next gen. If Sony and Microsoft want to try and push prices higher, they will need to do it through premium models. I do believe there is room for $1,000+ consoles, but it has to be a smooth transition to getting people comfortable of looking at consoles as a premium experience, and being more than just gaming machines. We are slowly, but surely getting there.

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