HollyGamer said:

Why Mark Cerny are confident when he Said "it will be more faster then normal SSD on PC today's standard (including NVMe )",  because all application/ software that made on PC until today never made with SSD in mind. Means PS5 games and software will be a new standard for next gen games to be made with SSD in mind.

As PC gamer who already using SSD i am glad that we will finally able to utilize SSD and have some benefit to have one , that's why console is very important to gaming Industries as a whole. Because we are stuck on HDD standar for a long time. If console start to make one , PC will follow .

You are absolutely right.

This is the thing I always find funny. We see people argue all the time that we will never need this or that, and then we have people run tests on PC and say, "see, all this extra stuff does nothing, we don't need it".

It blows me away that still in 2019 people don't understand that if software is not developed to take advantage of 8 Cores, 128 GB of RAM, or a 3GB/s Storage solution, that they are not going to see gains. If the software is only optimized for 2 Cores, only expecting 8GB of RAM, and the files are not structured to take advantage of 3GB/s, then you are not going to see significant gains.

PS5 and XB4 are absolutely going to push PC forward, just like console have always down. They set a new baseline. So far, it looks like we are going to have a very nice new baseline this time around!

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