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COKTOE said:
One of the games I would have bought with the Wii console had I been able to find one. Went to great lengths to secure one for about a year before I gave up for good. I can't imagine the shortages being any worse in other locations around the globe. Always wanted to try Bloom Blox but never did. Doubt I'll get around to it at this point.

If you have a Wii U, you could pick up a used copy and just play it on the Wii U.  Not sure it is worth it to go through the effort for that though.  It is pretty fun, and makes good use of the Wii Remote motion control.  But I would have a hard time saying you are really missing out on anything.

I did just about throw my arm out on one of the 2-player modes one time.  That night was a blast.  The next day not so much.  Arm hurt like hell.

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