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Mr Puggsly said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

My points are:

1. That cartridges like on the Switch are getting cheaper, while optical discs are getting more expensive, and given enough time cartridges will catch up. This won't be a problem for PS4/XBO, but could become one for PS5/Scarlet if thay want to use optical discs.

2. The thread is about cartridge limitations, and I'm pointing out that those are getting less over time. While it's certainly true right now, in a couple years the 32GB cartridges will cost as much as the 8GB do right now, with 48 and 64GB ready for usage.

Oh, and plenty of storage? The small RAM is limiting the size of textures right now on consoles. With 16 or even more Gigabyte of unified RAM they can start putting high-res textures on the discs, possibly filling them up quickly, just look up big texture packs can be. Just to compare, Anthem is 36GB on Xbox ONE but 51GB on PC, mostly due to the bigger textures. And that's despite the game being so empty, imagine how big the game will be in a year or so when most features will finally be in the game.

1. I don't disagree, but the cost disparity between a disc and memory cart (with a lot of space) is still pretty significant. I believe that will still be the case in the 9th gen or much of it.

2. Carts are still a step behind in storage space. I mean Switch is boasting about 64GB carts that will rarely be used while 9th gen discs will likely hold 100GB. Maybe in the 10th gen carts with 128-512GB will be cheap and viable.

Again, I think 100GB is fine for most games. Especially if more games just put offline content on the disc. Anthem is an online game only, the disc is basically just access to the game. At this point all the data on the Anthem disc could be useless. Same goes for Destiny 1 and 2, Sea of Thieves and other online games.

Anthem and the other games you mentioned are online only games, but all the textures, models and so on need to be installed and calculated from the console. If it would just be to access the game, then you would just stream the game, which is another thing entirely.