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zorg1000 said:
Pemalite said:

It takes about a generation for Phones to start getting near a console... At the moment we are in that funny place of having games with Xbox 360 levels of geometric complexity but with some other assets reminiscent of the Xbox One/Playstation 4.

Yeah that's how high-end handhelds vs consoles have been for the last 30 or so years.

Game Gear released around the time Genesis/SNES did but was on par with Master System/NES.

Sega Nomad released around the time PS1/Saturn/N64 did but was just a handheld Genesis.

PSP released 1-2 years before 360/PS3 but was a bit under DC/PS2.

Vita released 2 years before PS4/XBO but was under 360/PS3.

Switch released about halfway into PS4/XBO generation and is right in between 360/PS3 & PS4/XBO.

It seems like high end portable hardware is always like 7-8 years behind home consoles.

The Game Gear was pretty much a portable Master Master System, both had the same hardware inside.

There's 2 missing, though:

The PC Engine GT, which is a PC Engine/TurboGraphX 16 in Gameboy format.

And the Atari Lynx, which was graphically close to the Megadrive, and had the fastest CPU of the entire Gen (a Motorola 68K at 16Mhz; Megadrive has the same but at a slower clock speed.)