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RaptorChrist said:
Ganoncrotch said:
Video games are for kids
Cartoons are for kids
Animated movies are for kids
Super Hero movies (bar deadpool..... and the pegging) are for kids
Chocolate cake is for kids.....

I'll be honest given the things that are for adults such as smoking, alcohol, drug use...... (excluding sex because I can never get enough of that) but yeah the adult specific vices are all pretty shit in comparison to ones which are "for kids"

As for what I say to people who would argue a point like this towards me? Absolutely nothing really, I've no interest in changing the mind of someone who has already solidified it with stupid bias against someone who enjoys life, as a lifetime fan of gaming, movies, animated shows, cgi films, WWE and chocolate cake.... I have long since given up on caring that people who spend a portion of their lives looking for an area far enough away from work so they can poison themselves with smokes thinks of my pass times.

Have you had problems in the past dealing with people who drink or smoke?

I've have a condition which doesn't do great around smoke and that's including people who absolutely wreck of it when coming back from doing it and they have no idea how much they smell of the stuff, as for drinking I don't do it at all and my mates are all perfectly fine with that, I've helped them home a few times after a night goes a little rough but I hold zero resentment towards that, just that in terms of doing an adult hobby I feel far better after a night of hard harvest mooning than they do after a night on the town.

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