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Charlesabl8770 said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

This is exactly the reason why a PS5 won't be so much stronger than an Xbox One X. It's technically possible, but not for a price of 499 or even less.

Forget about the Pro and the X, its not like they gonna have exclusive or separate, they just play the games at 4K with slighty better graphics

look at this:

Sony was trying to avoid the miskates like the ones with PS3, Microsoft well wanted to go greedy in the first place with the stupid always on kinect, always on DRM and $100 more

So you complain about being underpowered, but you cant think about the price if wasnt underpowered

I'm not complaining, I'm just pointing out that, for a console twice as powerful as the One X, you need very beefy and expensive hardware, which is currently high-end PC hardware and where the GPU alone costs more than a PS3 at launch, and producing more heat than the whole console case can support.

Thus, we will most probably have consoles with hardware which is a bit less powerful, but cheaper both in price and TDP budget. The CPU will get a big upgrade, and more RAM will allow for better Textures, but the GPU itself won't become much more powerful than the one on the One X.