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deltazero said:


Super late response but at work and saw this in notifications. 

First off to be honest most people have not said what I have claimed but I did see a few, to be honest didn't bother me but calling out someone having it done for medical reasons as mutilation is a bit short sighted

Which still leads me to my other point, while solely religious or cosmetic reasons on children is in my and a lot of people's opinion not good I still think people do overlook the fact that it does have medical benefits which when done when the child is older can cause more problems.

Which still leads me to my arguement of the appendix and tailbone. While people will use the arguement of evolution etc. (if its still there there must be a reason) the tailbone and appendix almost "literally" (correct me if I am wrong) exist just to be a burden for a few unlucky people.
Thus in the future we found a safe way to remove these, would we not want to this to our children when it is risk free at that point?

To be honest, most people will thankfully never need to get circumcised but since it does not take away from pleasure etc. while removes the risk of phimosis and other conditions, I don't really think it deserves the title of mutilation if done of these reasons

I wouldn't buy the "prevention of phimosis" argument either. It's incredibly rare. It's like cutting off their testicles and removing their prostate as well to prevent some forms of cancer that are far more common.

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