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I have been interesting in buying a Switch ever since it was announced. To be honest I was not gaming much at the time though so I found it hard to justify the purchase. I was too busy with other things. Now things are calming down and I want to get back into gaming. I also want to buy a Switch as a present for myself for getting through that period of hard work.

Even before the rumors of new hardware started swirling around, I figure 2019 would be around the time for a hardware refresh or at least a price cut. So I am waiting to see what hardware announcements Nintendo makes before buying. Regarding the rumors I have to say I would not be interested in a strictly portable version of the Switch even though I think it would be a great move from a business perspective for Nintendo. Another home-centric version could be interesting but I would have to what changes it makes. Honestly I will most likely just buy the current sku when it has an official price cut but I like to keep my options open.

What scenario do you think is most likely?

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