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Mr.GameCrazy said:
Machiavellian said:

Actually there is no conclusion one way or the other.  Its much easy to just believe someone is guilty then it is to prove it.  The thing is once a person is accused of anything, most people already make up their mind they are guilty without a shred of evidence

It's really unfortunate that some people do that. It's like as if there's no such thing as innocent until proven guilty anymore.

Molesting accusations are even worst.  I had a friend who's daughter accused him of molesting her.  It almost went to court but during the investigation she then admitted that she was lying because she hated how strict her dad was etc.  The thing is, this guy was fired from his job and lost a lot of friends and was in the papers you name it.  Life totally wrecked including wife leaving him and even after the girl confessed, people still believed he did something.