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KiigelHeart said:
Machiavellian said:

The problem is when people look to make money from such issues that causes people to question events.  I have seen people believe they were molested because someone kept telling them they were.  It's one thing to come out from years of abuse and want to set the situation straight, its another to seek a crap ton of money first.  The problem with this whole thing is that there is a crap ton of inconsistent information along with the fact they tried to sue the estate for a lot of money when they became broke.  It puts into question was everything about money more than actual incidents.

When all is said and done, trying to make a profit off of the situation will always cloud everything they say.  It they want to be creditable then first not seek the money but instead set the situation first.  Either way, they have a chance to make their case only after the man is dead and cannot defend himself which also taints their case.

I get what you're saying but then again, injured party usually demands compensation for anything they've suffered. There's nothing wrong with that, at least I see nothing wrong with wanting money from someone who assaulted you, raped you etc. 

Set the situation right, what does that even mean when you have been sexually abused as a child? And in this case, most likely also manipulated. By someone they knew and many people idolize. 

And the fact that the man is now dead could also be a reason why they are now able to tell their whole story in public.

Anyway, I don't really want to debate whether he's guilty or not. I already wrote my thoughts about MJ and it hasn't changed. If you want to believe he's innocent then ok, but I just find it disturbing there's MJ fans all over the internet acting like they know what happened and shaming his alleged victims. Yes I understand it's hard to believe such things from an artist you love but then think for a second how hard it must have been for parents of these kids and kids themselves. 

Yes, injured party do ask for compensation.  What the injured party do not do is wait until they are in financial trouble to then look for compensation.  I personally do not know if MJ is guilty or not.  If he is, I hope he burn for what he did, if he is not then its unfortunate what has happen to him.  Either way, this documentary did not do anything to set the record straight but instead left a lot of questions.  Waiting until the man is dead to then come for the money no matter how you look at it appears suspect.  The whole thing appears suspect.  

As to MJ being dead is the only reason they can tell their story, I have to call BS on that.  What it means is that they do not have to worry about having to prove their allegations which every person should have the right to do when accused of something.  I have seen way to many people wrongly accused of something to just let that slide.