CosmicSex said:
RolStoppable said:

Yes, we know that. We also know that you don't understand how sales curves work, because you predict an incredibly sharp drop-off for Switch after 2019, which results in Switch selling only ~17m units from January 2020 until the very end of its lifecycle.

So if the goal is to have a realistic conversation, then the first thing that needs to happen is acknowledgement on your part that your outdated lifetime sales prediction for Switch does not make any sense at the current date anymore.

While I understand how sales curves work, it is also my belief that Nintendo will end, of it's own free will, the Switch.  I believe the rumors that say that there is a new version on the horizon.  That is why I insinuated that if we really treat it as a Pro then it will change the nature of the conversation.  

I hold that the Switch, in its current incarnation, will top out at 65 to 70 million before that happens.  An informed response would simply to suggest that the new model will in fact be a pro numbers and then I could have reevaluated.   

It sounds like we need to have a more grounded conversation where we try to understand each others projections or predictions. 

PS4 Pro sales #'s haven't been separated from PS4's total.  Why would a Switch Pro be considered the end of liftetime Switch sales?  If we are counting "Pro" sales separately, then I don't think PS4 base model has passed PS3 sales yet.